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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Adventures of reading a Book


Have you ever wondered what that paperback sitting idly on your book-shelf is capable of? How a copy of the “Othello  can relocate you from India to Italy – more so from a modern setting to a medieval backdrop replete with animated characters.

Isn’t it just amazing how a naive looking “Anne Frank’s Diary  can prove to be a time-travelling machine?

Have you observed such a reader who is captivated in a book and  taking this travel?? The way she feels each of the thumbed yellow pages – devours the unmistakable smell of an old book – the expression of contentment on entering a second hand book-store. It makes her feel at home in the company of other like minded people who allow themselves to be consumed by the text of Neruda, Patterson and numerous others....

The non-reader may find this behaviour eccentric but thats only till he takes a plunge into the world of books himself  the magic casts a spell on him too.

The world is filled with people who find a tremendous connect with books - there are scores of people who have spent their painful adolescence absorbed in a book- connected to a fictional character and called them brother or sister.

Its books that helped them drag through – that kept them going and helped their transition into wonderful adults.

There are numerous women who fantasize marrying Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and even more is the number   of kids who secretly believe that they possess magical powers and await a letter from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Reading the right kind of books at the right age helps a person develop at an appropriate pace in the correct direction.

They shape the reader’s personality to a great extent – and there are no two ways about it. If the concept is reasonable, the script is sound , the plot-gripping and language- coherent, there is nothing that can stop the book from creating a storm in the reader’s mind.

Ask an avid, habituated reader and you’ll know that reading a good book is nothing less than a refreshing escapade into the unexplored land of an age-old era.

So, the next time the adventure mood hits you and you want to try something less conventional – you know exactly what to lay your hands on :)



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