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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 10 books of 2011

As the year comes to an end, here’s a list of the most read books in 2011 at 

1. Revolution 2020

  A story about childhood friends Gopal, Raghav and Aarti who struggle to find success and love in Varanasi. However, it isn't easy to achieve this in an unfair society that rewards the corrupt. As Gopal gives in to the system, and Raghav fights it, who will win? From the bestselling author of Five Point Someone, one night @ the call center, The Three Mistakes of My Life and 2 States, comes another gripping tale from the heartland of India. Are you ready for the revolution? 
2. The Incredible Banker

 "The Incredible Banker", a tale of corporate politics, deceit, relationships, frauds and money laundering releases raises some interesting and some worrying aspects of living life the foreign bank way. A crucial question, to answer which the reader will have to navigate his way through this 300 page blockbuster, is - What does the embedded "Red" in "The Incredible Banker" signify?. Read the book to un ravel the mystery.

3. Cold Steel

An epic corporate battle that sent shockwaves through the political corridors of Europe, strained the world's financial markets, enriched 30 hedge funds, and permanently transformed the global steel industry — is meticulously detailed in Cold Steel, the riveting story of dueling titans of the business world.

4. The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way is the first book for a general audience that explains the management principles and business philosophy behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

5. What would you do to save the world?

"What Would You Do to Save the World?" is a delightfully entertaining first novel which reveals the dust behind the diamonds, the tears behind the plastic smiles, and dishes the dirt on what really goes on behind the scenes of a beauty pageant.

6. Happionaire's Cash The Crash

What Shahrukh Khan can teach you about investing? How to detect a crash before it comes. Future Investment Opportunities? Why you never have to be unemployed? Here’s a book on How to benefit from crashes, slowdowns and recessions.

7. Shopaholic & Sister

Sophie Kinsella has conquered the hearts of millions with her New York Times bestselling Shopaholic novels, which feature the irresistible one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood. Read more to know the twist and turns of the story.

8. The Great Mutual Fund Trap

Convinced that your star mutual fund manager will help you beat the market? Eager to hear the latest stock picking advice on CNBC? FORGET ABOUT IT! "The "Great Mutual Fund Trap shows that the average mutual fund consistently underperforms the market, and that strategies for picking "above-average funds -- everything from past performance to expert rankings -- are useless.  This book is the best pick for those interested in the share market. 

9. Interpreter of Maladies 

In the title story, an interpreter guides an American family through India to their ancestors and hears an astonishing confession. Lahiri writes with deft cultural insight reminiscent of Anita Desai and a nuanced depth that recalls Mavis Gallant. She is an important and powerful new voice.”

10. The Google Story

A Pulitzer Prize winner from the Washington Post whose beat includes Google, Vise and co-author Malseed (who worked with him on The Bureau and the Mole) tells the tale of how two doctoral students built the little search engine.

Those who still haven’t read any of these books can RENT them at

Happy Holidays and Wishing you a great “read – a – thon year 2012”.