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Monday, February 13, 2012

Anupam Kher at the Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda Festival - 12/02/2012

On the last day of the Kala Ghoda Festival, we had a chance to be present at Anupam Kher's session on his book, "The Best Thing About You is You". 

The entire session was pretty inspirational and highly entertaining. We have tried to include some conversation threads and quotes Anupam Kher had shared during his conversation with Mr. Dharker:

- 'An event or an action fails. A person never fails!'

- 'I failed once in 10th standard, got a 38% in my graduation. Recently I was called to the 'Kellogg Business School' and I started my talk with these words,"While you're all scholars, I had scored 38% in my graduation. This shows that I must have done something good in my job.'

- 'We always talk about the power of success but we always under-estimate the power of failure. I learnt from the power of failure'

- 'One should celebrate his or her failure. That takes out the fear of failure from your mind.'

- 'I lost my father 2 days back. But I still wanted to come to the Kala Ghoda Festival because I wanted to live my life the way my father would have loved it. He loved to see my photos in the newspapers and he had a big album of all my photos, wherever he could find them. He was my best friend and would always be.'

- 'Don't put your happiness in somebody's hands. You should be in-charge of your happiness'

- 'We exist, we don't live. We need to start living.'

- 'If you try, you risk failure. If you don't, you ensure it' - Anupam Kher quotes Osho

- 'All your dreams can come true. You just have to work hard enough.'

- 'Stardom to me came as a bonus, I was just enjoying my work.' on quoting Robert De' niro

- 'When you're yourself, there's nothing you can hide'

- 'Love is not a 4 letter word, HOPE is!'


  1. excellent description in least words...its really inspiring to hear anupam kher....