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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 – FREE BOOKMARKS! Why?

Ever wondered how Bookmarks came into being? It is intimately connected with the development of the book itself. Though the earliest bookmarks date from the medieval ages, it is obvious that even in ancient times - when papyrus scrolls were the reading matter of choice - bookmarks must have been used to mark a reader's place on the scrolls that could be 40 meters or more in length.

Some of the oldest bookmarks were found in medieval monasteries and among them are clip-on type bookmarks made of vellum. Therefore it is easy to imagine that this type was also used to mark place on the papyrus scrolls in ancient Egypt. 

However, if you are still using those wooden sticks, crumpled receipts, old catalog cards, and ripped parking tickets as bookmarks, then it’s time to get yourself some real bookmarks.

Our cute mascot can now give you company while you read your favorite books! Get free bookmarks from in various colors and with beautiful quotations for FREE. Just send your address at and we shall courier them to you!

Make the best of 2012 and have a ‘Read-a-thon’ year!

Please Note – Free bookmarks are available for all Members and Non-Members. Offer valid for Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore residents only. Last date is 7th January. 

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