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Friday, September 2, 2011

Book Review: Don't Bring it to Work by Sylvia Lafair.

Hey Librarywalas! 

We received an excellent review of the award-winning book 'Don't Bring it to Work' by Sylvia Lafair. For those unfamiliar with her name, she is a business leadership and communications expert, and President of CEO – Creative Energy Options, Inc., a global consulting company focused on redefining leadership and optimizing workplace relationships. Her award winning book “Don’t Bring It to Work” has been ranked in the top of Amazon’s Best Selling Workplace books.   She is often quoted as a workplace relationship expert in newspapers and magazines including the Wall Street Journal,, USA Today, Time, New York Times. She was also recognized as one of  the Top 25 Women In Business in 2011. 

Here's the review of her book: 

You know the type; the guy who leaves the meeting when it becomes tense. Or maybe there is the gal who says she will get her part of the project done on time and it never happens. Perhaps you or your colleagues fit one of these profiles. These are the types of behaviors that diminish trust, accelerate conflict, and limit productivity.

Dr. Sylvia Lafair shows how behavior patterns that we learned in our original organization, the family, follow us right into our present organization at work. Think about it, work and family are quite similar. There are bosses (parents), co-workers (siblings) salaries (allowances), specific rules and regulations to follow to be accepted.

When stress at work hits the hot button we all tend to revert to the patterns of relating we learned as kids to survive and be secure. This happens under the radar of our conscious behavior. Once it is possible to observe the pattered responses (easier to first see on others) there are simple and quick ways to make change happen for the better.

The good news is that, using the OUT Technique, to OBSERVE, UNDERSTAND, and TRANSFORM the annoying and outmoded patterns, they can be turned into their positive opposites. Those in leadership positions, in family business, or on the accelerated path as entrepreneurs can learn new ways to foster cooperation and even increase better customer service by knowing what to do in times of crisis by applying this revolutionary technique.

This book gives an understanding of the 13 most common patterns in the workplace and how to transform them.Avoiders become initiators of difficult conversations, procrastinators become realizers getting work done in a timely fashion, and super-achievers become creative collaborators.
“Don’t Bring It to Work” is filled with a wealth of real life anecdotes and practical workbook-style exercises that clearly show how anyone can change conflict into cooperation and soar in work productivity and success.

Do share your opinions on the book with us.

Happy Reading!

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