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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Book Review: Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson is a fable about the importance of embracing change. It is about two mice and two little humans that live in a maze. They have a supply of cheese that they live on until one day it is moved. The two mice quickly go and search for the cheese while the two humans stay behind thinking the cheese will come back.  As time goes by, they realize that they need to start moving to find cheese, but one of the humans refuses to do so. Weak of hunger, one of the humans sets out to find the cheese and finds clues along the way as to where it is. He ultimately finds the cheese and meets up with the mice who found the cheese much earlier.

The moral of the story is that change is inevitable and the best thing to do is be prepared to embrace it or get left behind. The two mice were prepared and ready to go searching for new cheese the minute it moved while the two little humans weren’t. By the time one of the little humans realized this, he almost died due to lack of cheese from waiting so long. As in the business world, the person who doesn’t adjust for change is left in the dust. This was the little human who refused to go look for the cheese thinking it would come back. 

This is a short fable that does an excellent job at illustrating the importance of embracing change in the business world. It is a best seller that everyone should read, especially those in the business world!

This review was sent in by Adam Bruk, an online marketing specialist tracking retail trends in Socks 4 Life( During his free time, he enjoys reading business books and golfing.

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