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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Connecting with more avid readers & bloggers with Blog Adda!

Visit to discover Indian blogs

We now join Blog Adda!

Librarywala Blogs has teamed up with BlogAdda to provide readers with the best blog content from across the web! We now offer our content to a wider platform, thus ensuring that there is opportunity for more interaction and discussion! is the largest community of bloggers in India. They provide a platform to showcase Indian bloggers and help them promote to a large audience. BlogAdda has features that helps bloggers connect to other bloggers thereby forming a powerful network. For readers, there is a brilliant variety of content aggregated in a variety of useful forms. 
The editors at BlogAdda choose the best blog posts twice every week in the form of Tangy Tuesday & Spicy Saturday Picks that are extremely popular. Readers get to read some great selected content and the bloggers get a lot of readers on their blog. BlogAdda has access to the finest bloggers in India and elsewhere.  
BlogAdda is among the top 50 brands in India known for the most effective usage of Social Media.

We hope our readers will benefit from this association and enhance their own blogging experience!

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