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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day :D

‎Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn.
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover.
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn.
But only one mother the wide world over.' - George Cooper

These lines by George Cooper so succintly convey the unmatched importance of a motherly figure in one's life. A mother willingly and uncomplainingly undergoes the pain of labour to ensure normalcy for her baby. She claims that all of the pain was worth the joy of the first sight of the baby.

Not a day passes when she doesnt feel thankful for the gift of motherhood bequeathed to her.

Throughout the life of her child, she helps her/him chart through - from easing out her 5-year old's first day of kindergarten with sweets and candy to helping her 25 year old cook a wholesome meal.

On this day that celebrates motherhood, Librarywala takes the oppotunity to wish all the mothers across the planet,

An Enchantedly Happy Mother's Day!!

Librarywala recommends "must read on Mother's Day" -

Janani: a fantastic compilation worked on by Rinki Bhattacharya. Janani, as the creator of life, defines this narrative collection. It combines writings of  mothers from many walks of life - stepmothers, single mothers adoptive motherhood. The accounts combine memory and nostalgia in nuanced detail, making each narrative heart-warming and, at times, profoundly challenging.



  1. Cute post. Mother's special it truly seems..

  2. Sounds like a great one for mother's day!

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