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Monday, March 7, 2011

Celebrating Womanhood this Woman's Day (8th March)

Celebrating the existence of the Venusians –

Yes, the so much talked about, the so-much called for, the one’s that more-often-than-not leave your mouths open with the phenomenal change that they bring about, the only one’s that can work with astute shrewdness in the office but can play Juliet to their spouses back home, the gender that was once called weaker but is now audaciously rising to the peak of its strength………………yes, the women,…

The Women’s Day celebrates mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, grandmothers, all over the world……….

Here’s to the essentials of being a lady,

to our multitasking abilities
to our patient natures, to our mood swings
to our fear of cockroaches, to the thriving audacities
to the gossip, to the work meetings that we conduct
to the tomboyish natures, to the transformation to beautiful ladies,
to the stifled laughs, to the hysterical laughter,
to the wailing cry on breaking a nail, to bearing the pain of labour,
to the livid faces at the eve-teaser, to the miss-goody-two-shoes look
to the flea-market chappals, to the drunk dancing with 6-inch Jimmy Choos
to black nail paints, to the liberty to wear pink
to bad hair days, to the looks that kill
to challenging ourselves, to our love of being pampered
to the ability to stun-gun people with all the things we do……….

To all the female readers, writers, publishers, women celebrities who have been written about, including fictional protagonists…

Cheers to Womanhood! 

Happy Woman's Day :)

Rikta Doshi -
A Librarywala fan