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Monday, February 14, 2011


"The incurable romantic’s favorite read"

“Love means never having to say you're sorry”

One of my favorite lines from an amazingly beautiful love story.  When you have found perfect love in life, it all seems so true, doesn’t it? The narration in the book makes you believe in such thoughts and takes you through to an endless journey of love.

It’s one romantic novel that’s sure to move you. Segal has done a brilliant job in portraying two characters with which generations can identify. He has showcased differences between the love of a father and son & that of husband and wife.

Love Story portrays the right example of “opposites attract” - opposites in terms of status, thoughts & characterstics. The book revolves around the lives of two young college students, Oliver Barrett, heir to the Barrett fortune and legacy and Jennifer Cavilleri, daughter of a poor baker. Oliver was expected to follow in his father's huge footsteps, while Jennifer, a music major, was to go on and pursue her dream. The boy belonged to a fortunate home whereas Jennifer had seen a tough life. But, love as they say knows no boundaries.

And when they meet, the sparks fly and they passionately fall in love with each other that grows deep and strong with each passing day. Oliver turns his back on his family and Jenny gives up her dreams of being a musician. They are happy with their life, until Jenny is diagnosed with leukemia. With just a few days to live, the novel describes the emotional pain they both go through & yet don’t leave each other. It portrays that love has no language and stays on forever.

The characters have been depicted really well & keep you completely engrossed. You might even end up with tearful eyes as the story touches your heart & relates to your emotions deeply.

I’d certainly recommend this book to anyone who believes in love and more so to those who don’t. It’s bound to evoke powerful emotions in you! The story is simple and a far cry from dramatized happenings and unreal situations. I am sure the story shall linger in your heart now and always.

Arshia Dar

"LOVE STORY, the 1970 movie is based on the book by Erich Segal "


  1. Not only does this book make you fall in love again, it also touches your heart really well.
    Apart from Love Story, another of Eric Segal's must read book is - The Doctor.

  2. Though I agree the book was good reading especially in my teens I guess now I found 'The Notebook 'and 'The Wedding ' both by Nicholas Sparks a better read.